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Commercial insurance coverage

Commercial Insurance

One Stop Insurance Agency LLC Offers Commercial Insurance For Maryland Business

Doing business may incur certain risks that can lead to expensive losses or liability cases that can undermine your ability to maintain a profit margin and grow your business. Commercial insurance is designed to cover a variety of common risks that occur in the everyday performance of business operations. At One Stop Insurance Agency, we can help you determine the right insurance coverage for your business needs.

Understanding Commercial Insurance

Good planning helps a business to thrive, but there are some problems even the best business owners can’t avoid. Unexpected weather events can damage property or cause a work stoppage. A contract dispute can become a lawsuit. An employee may have an accident with a company vehicle. As the owner of the business, you are responsible for settling any costs involved and absorbing any losses in revenue. Commercial insurance can help to defray these costs, so you can maintain a steady profit margin.

Types of Commercial Insurance

If you own your own building, you will need commercial property insurance to protect your real estate investment. If you design and manufacture a product, you will need product liability insurance. Those engaged in a profession may require coverage to protect against lawsuits that involve “errors and omissions.” Most states require workers compensation insurance to cover injuries that may occur on the job or loss of wages from accidents that occur. Businesses also require general liability coverage to protect against lawsuits involving contracts or individuals injured on the property. You may also need commercial auto coverage for vehicles you use in your business. Some entrepreneurs may want business interruption insurance.

Choose One Stop Insurance Agency For Your Commercial Insurance in Maryland

Our experienced agents can help you find the insurance coverage that best serves your risk exposure. We offer policies for life, home, auto, health, and business. Contact One Stop Insurance Agency today for a free, no-obligation quote that will protect your business against expensive losses.

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