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Home Insurance

It is normal that, as time goes by, we acquire and/or inherent properties, which we must have well insured to protect against natural disasters or any other disaster. What about insuring a vacation home? Yes, there are some people that own more than one property; using one as a seasonal home. One Stop Insurance Agency LLC offers home insurance to people who own multiple homes; especially vacation homes.

Seasonal Home

A seasonal home is one that is visited temporarily, but it still needs protection. There are some vacation homeowners that rent out these homes when it is not being used. If you have seasonal tenants, home insurance is still important; in case of a possible unforeseen event.

Renting Your Home

In the case of a home that is going to be used fully for renting to tourists, there is a specific kind of insurance to consider, more adapted to this type of needs, but which requires more specifications. If you want more clarification, it is best to speak to the professionals that know how to guide you. In most cases, insurance protection for a vacation home is the same as for the home that you live in year-round.

The Coverage

You may be wondering if the insurance cover thefts, fire, flood, or other damages. The answer is yes, it covers all of the former, but you may have to acquire flood insurance separately as you would for your primary home. Having home insurance is essential because no one knows what might happen. This is especially true if you are not in close proximity to your seasonal home at any given time. In fact, for that reason, you may need additional coverage. Speak with an insurance professional at One Stop Insurance Agency LLC in Maryland to get a better idea of what is entailed.

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Don’t leave your vacation home unprotected without insurance. You may regret it. Contact the folks at One Stop Insurance Agency LLC and get the details you need to make an informed decision.

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